Understanding the Raspberry Pi minicomputer

There are several internet minicomputer options, but none of them comes close to the Raspberry Pi 3. The nice minicomputer is the size of a credit card and therefore fits in the palm of the hand, but its features impress.


What's in a Raspberry Pi anyway?


Within the luxury of click, the Raspberry Pi is small in size but great in its features. It has a processor, graphics processor, USB interface, memory card slot and various controls. The device has input for power, RAM and expansion bus. It's extremely small, but Raspberry is a complete PC.







What can I do with a Raspberry Pi?


Some things are logical but we will re-affirm if you are an enthusiastic on call. Raspberry Pi is not suitable for games, 3D editions or video editing. The reason is clear, because these tasks consume much more of the hardware of a computer than the Raspberry Pi is able to offer. The processor of the device is built in ARM, and therefore has a focus on generating less heat and consuming less energy.


Even though it is a simple minicomputer, Raspberry is suitable and supports many Linux distributions, but that does not mean you can not venture into lighter versions of windows. As we mentioned, it has HDMI output and USB input. Then the user can connect it to a television / monitor and use keyboard and mouse on Raspberry.


A detail must be taken into consideration, as Raspberry Pi does not have any type of hard drive, the operating system must be installed on an SD memory card.


How did Raspberry Pi come about?


Raspberry has emerged from a project under its own name, and its focus is educational. The institution responsible for its development maintains the commitment of simplicity with a low price so that the device can reach small schools. This encourages children to have more contact with programming fundamentals and to better understand the fundamentals of computers.


By default Raspberry has software to teach programming principles. All content relating to the minicomputer is available in open source on the Foundation page.


Raspberry Pi 3


In its most current version, the minicomputer can be found in various kits and prices over the internet. Ranging from R $ 120,00 only the minicomputer, up to $ 350 kits that have heat sinks, fans, mini case for Raspberry, erasers and even with gadgets like LCD touchscreen display, so you can have a screenshot of your minicomputer's computer and work with it without even needing a keyboard and mouse.











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