Intel Announces Quantum Processor Manufacturing

The new generations of processors are surprising more and more. This is because, they have presented an increasing capacity of processing, allowing the creation of real machines. Intel, always tuned in the world of technology, recently announced a new, the manufacture of a new quantum processor.


The announcement comes in the midst of news from different manufacturers, and aims to show just how powerful the company is to competitors. The electronic component will have 17 qubits, and according to Intel, will aim to aid development and research routines in partnership with QuTech, a center located in the Netherlands.


This quantum processor comes to leave the company face to face with other competitors who have been presenting several more affordable quantum computers. Today, the only giant that is ahead of Intel is Google.


Currently the group has a 20-qubit unit as well as D-Wave. According to surveys, Google manages to have a level of technological exploration for commercial computers of more than two thousand qubits.


The wave of Qubits

The announcement of the new Intel quantum processor comes amid a wave of releases of the genre. Today, it is possible to say that the race for the best component of processing, that can be commercially available, is more and more fierce.

With the announcement the company shows that it is not only guaranteeing its place in the technological future, but, yes, bringing that future for now along with other giants.

Today, quantum computers are a promise of revolution, especially for science and industry. They have been increasingly exploited and highly anticipated by researchers.


The area of ​​Artificial Intelligence, for example, is one that eagerly awaits the development of increasingly powerful components. That's because, the quantum processor can make the processes connected to the operation of neural networks thousands of times faster.


The biology area is also very excited about this wave of releases. For her, the components are essential, as they promise to improve the process of analyzing molecular structures, however small they may be.


These functions are only possible with the quantum processor because they can analyze data and get data much faster, and two different states simultaneously.

Intel's new quantum processor is the first to be developed after the $ 50 million partnership with giant QuTech was announced. The announcement comes at a promising time, as demand for components of the genre has only grown.


In addition, this is a movement that was already being exploited by other technology giants, such as Google, Microsoft and IMB. All of them have already brought to the public the results obtained within quantum development.


However, the announcement of the Intel quantum processor is not yet a reason for people to start trading their old computers. The component is still under development and will still take time to reach the market.












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