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The Playstation brand is more important in the history of games. Over three consoles, many gamers have learned to love the “box” made by Sony, and now, almost 20 years after the first model hits stores, everyone eagerly awaits the announcement of their fourth generation. In the early 1990s, the gaming industry was growing at a speed never before seen. Even with the 16-bit generation having been launched in the 1990/1991 biennium, by the end of 1993 the great powers of the market had already discussed which directions to follow, and games with 3D graphics were a natural trend. It was at this time that Nintendo sought out their fellow Sony to start developing a new console. The strategy was to show that making games for the PlayStation was much easier, cheaper and faster. The problem is that, for the producers, it was a dangerous bet, since there was not even a console sold on the market. To make the project even more sustainable, in October 1993 Sony Computer Entertainment was created, a division that would only deal with video games. After more than three years, on December 3, 1994, Sony announced in Japan the PlayStation (version SCPH-1000 JPN).


                   Driven by a R3000A processor running at 33.8 mhz and an engineering that allowed it to run polygon graphics faster, the console soon gained fan base and game makers wanted to try their limits. From its launch until 2006 (when its production was extinguished), the PlayStation had already surpassed the mark of 100 million units sold, the first videogame of the history to reach that mark. I remember it as if it were today, the year 1994. The games magazines of the time (Action Games, Videogame, SuperGamePower, Gamers that was soon in the market), talked about the projects of the new video games, especially the Sega Saturn, which was highly anticipated due to the great success of arcades like Daytona USA and Virtua Fighters. We are living at the moment that this text is written a special moment for the PlayStation. The PlayStation 4 has been announced recently and although we do not have many details of it, we know that it has an x86 processor, has 8GB of memory, AMD GPU and many other features that make it a great competitor for the new generation of consoles. Although the control has already been revealed (image below), we still have much to discover about the console, details that will only be revealed at E3. The future of PlayStation is promising and it has everything to continue being the symbol that has always been.











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