Apple discontinues the iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano lines.

Bye Bye iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle. Apple had already prepared the heart of the fanboys ... But it was "soft" that it discontinued the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle models, stopping its sale and removing the two products from its site. If we are sincere, the iPod today comes to be derisory before the products that are the cars heads of Apple. Which makes us imagine that the iPod Touch should not take too long to be discontinued by the company.


It's been quite a while since devices like Iphone and even Android have taken a good part of the public of these gadgets. While a few still use iPods sporadically, the amount does not stand up to all the millions of apple users who have finally replaced their iPods. Little by little we saw the iPod line being pushed aside by both the fans and Apple itself. It is worth remembering that in just over three years, Apple already discontinued the Classic line.


If the iPod Shuffle and Nano have been discontinued, how does the Touch stay?


           The iPod Touch is basically a phone that matches the iPhone without a 4G connection. With the aggravation that applications where a phone number is needed can not be used. If the differences were not enough, the suggested price is R $ 1,299.00 and R $ 1,999.00. It does not make much sense to pay the amount that could be invested in a good Smartphone. It is somewhat illogical to walk around with a smartphone and an iPod while only one of the handsets is sufficient for the whole service. I believe the iPod Touch will survive for some time because of its compatibility with Apple Music. But that's all.











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