Humankind’s Sci-Fi Future: Are We Really Ready for Intelligent Robots?

From transporters and lightsabers to spaceships that can travel quicker than the speed of light, advanced gadgets that lie outside mankind’s ability to understand — until further notice, at any rate — are a staple of sci-fi. But after some time, individuals have consistently propelled the limits of what innovation can do. For a few, this raises worries about whether we ought to give careful consideration to science fiction’s wake up calls about the concealed expenses of depending too intensely on tech — especially with regards to robots and counterfeit consciousness (AI).


As machines turn out to be always advanced and concentrated, and maybe even start to have an independent mind, what does that mean for the people who build and rely upon them?


On Oct. 5, here at New York Comic Con (NYCC), a gathering of sci-fi creators participated in a board titled “It’s Technical: Our Future with Robots and the sky is the limit from there.” During the dialog, they tended to quick advances in apply autonomy, how those advances line up with science fiction hypotheses about the production of wise robots — supportive and vindictive — and whether a portion of the more cynical perspectives of an innovation overwhelmed future would ever happen.













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