Intel Core i9, a processor for the few

Intel finally hit the hammer as far as the settings of its Core i9 line. Despite being announced by the manufacturer itself in May, details about the i9 line still had a lot of unconfirmed information from Intel. Not even the clock speed of the monstrous Core i9-7920X had been confirmed by the manufacturer. The processor has single 12 cores.


Now the company has decided to quell the doubts of the fans and revealed information about the Intel i9-7920X. The first detail is that the launch is scheduled for 28 this month in the US. Intel also released information on its 14.16 and 18-core processors.


When Intel revealed that the Core i9-7920X of 12 cores had "only" 2.9Ghz, this generated a lot of discomfort for the users. The reason is simple: the AMD Threadripper / Ryzen line provides more Ghz. Now we know that the same goes for the entire i9 family. That is, an even greater disappointment for the fans.


Here you can check out the list of the new Intel chips:


1.Core i9-7980XE (18 cores, 36 threads): 2.6GHz; Boost, 4.2GHz up to 4.4GHz

2.Core i9-7960X (16 cores, 32 threads): 2.8GHz; Boost, 4.2GHz up to 4.4GHz

3.Core i9-7940X 14 cores, 28 threads: 3.1GHz; Boost: 4.3GHz up to 4.4GHz

4.Core i9-7920X (12 cores, 24 threads): 2.9-GHz; Boost: 4.3-GHz up to 4.4GHz


* Note that Boost values ​​refer to Intel's turbo boost 2.0 and 3.0 technologies


Both Intel and AMD may claim that their processors are faster. But the truth is that for now, AMD processors have higher clock speeds, while Intel's boost speeds sometimes outperform AMD processors.


How much does an Intel Core i9

Intel has secured its values, which keeps AMD with financially more affordable offers. An i9-7900x for example, is costing an average R $ 4,000.00 in Brazil, having other versions much more expensive. Does Intel intend to keep its prices above the competitor even with the AMD Ryzen Threadripper knocking on the door?











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